4190 Road 44, Yoder, Wyoming 82244, United States


Dancing Bear Animal Haven


Dancing Bear

review by Alan F.

Joni is the owner of Dancing Bear Animal Haven in Wyoming. I have 

known Joni for many years and I am in awe of her intense compassion 

for the animals that she takes in. She takes in all kinds of animals that 

are injured, have birth defects, are sick or are just unwanted. She takes 

them into her Animal Shelter and loves and cares for them until they 

are healthy and happy. She estimates that 60% of the animals she takes 

in are disabled, sick, or injured and about 30 % remain permanently 

disabled. She makes sure they all get the shots and treatments and 

Veterinarian care they need. Of course all this vet care is expensive as 

is all the food etc she needs to buy for her animals. I have been to her 

shelter in Wyoming several times to help her out however I can. I can 

tell you in all honesty that 100% of any donated money goes directly 

to the health and welfare of her animals. Dancing Bear is absolutely 

NOT a puppy or kitten mill! Joni does not make any money from her 

animals as most are not adoptable because of various health problems 

or physical handicaps. Joni takes these animals in and loves every 

single one and knows all 100 of them by name!

Joni started this shelter because of her love for animals especially the 

ones that have been given a tough start in life. I have never met a 

more loving, caring, and devoted animal lover than Joni. She is an 

absolutely beautiful person with a heart of gold.

I am asking you to donate what you can no matter how small. I can 

assure you that you could not help a more deserving person than Joni 

and all the animals she cares for! Please help her out with a donation 

to make sure her animals get all the Veterinarian care they need!!